The Art Of Copywriting

Of Madness and Methodology

Ad Copy is so important, it can literally make or break your business

What Makes Good Copy?

That’s a scary question to answer for most, and rightly so.As business owners, we have to be concerned with the bottom line and the bottom line is, ‘does it sell?’

That simple test is the sole measure for what makes “good” copy.

Who Can Do It? You can, and here’s how.

I am in no way a professional copywriter. In fact, I’m not even that good of a writer. I am however, mostly coherent and able to at least follow basic instruction.

This has proven a sufficient amount of talent to craft ad copy earning millions of dollars in revenue.

Here are four simple rules that have served me well over the years.

1.) Nail The Title Or Quit Now.

Your headline should be so compelling, I absolutely have to at least skim this thing. You’ve got 3 seconds to convince me. This is the single most important part .

3.) Forget Your Features.

I could care less about your laser guided titanium shaving technology, tell my face will be so smooth women will flock to me.

Your tooth paste has rainbow crystals? Tell me I’ll have whiter teeth.

Switch your feature list into a benefits list. Seriously.

4.) The Fabled Hammer Line

As a consumer, for every non entertainment dollar I spend, I expect a return equal to or greater than my dollar.

Your copy should clearly identify the real ROI I will benefit from.

-Original written April 28, 2008. By: Kevin Mesiab

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