The Dakota Access Pipeline

The Dakota Access Pipeline is supposed to enable oil to reach bigger markets in a more environmentally safe manner, but many people are protesting the idea because they are worried about the cleanliness of drinking water and the way it will effect their farming industry.

Here are some ways that people who are not actually in Standing Rock are protesting:

  • People on Facebook who are not in North Dakota are checking in as if they are in attempt to cause confusion about who is protesting and where.
  • There have been live streams showing the protests and actress Shailene Woodley was arrested during one
  • Other actors and actresses have gotten involved in tweets and on other platforms
  • There is a hashtag #nodapl on twitter where people can communicate about the topic
  • There is a GoFund Me page that has raised over a million dollars in attempt to stop the pipeline installation
  • There are several group pages on Facebook that protest it
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