Google’s Chrome v53 on Windows

I have just updated my Laptop’s Google Chrome Browser to Version 53.0.

I have to say that its Awesome. I’m using Chrome as my Default browser for a very Long Time. It’s the fastest and greatest. Hope most of reading this agree with me.

Google tempt to show some signs of Material Design applying on its Browser. Firstly, the new Redesign has hit Apple’s OS X, or MacOS. It was a beautiful Design, make it look so minimalist, which we as power user like, indeed. Then, the new Design aspects of the browser has made their move and to Linux. All major Linux Distros like Ubuntu, Fedora etc.. has received the new Redesign update of the Browser no so much long ago, but before new Material Design appears on Windows.

And here, i writing to say: I love the new Material Design of the Chrome Browser with V 53. It look so good, and it feel lighter! Typography has changed as well, and tabs are now easy separated. Icons and much more has a refreshing Design which i Like and i have been waiting to see for a while now!

Let me know down below in Comments, if you Love this new Material Design Approach from Google on its own Browser. Do you like it as well?

Thank you