Do Something Fun

It is quite interesting how fun changes in definition as you get older. What may have seemed boring when you were little may be one of your favorite hobbies now. For my fun activity, I went to Target with a friend and got Skipbo and Cinnamon rolls. Skipbo is a game I play a lot with my family when I go and visit them in Wisconsin, and it was fun to feel a family connection while I played it here. The cinnamon rolls were a random side thought after realizing that I haven’t had them since I have been home. I enjoy baking (even if it is just throwing them in the oven at 375), but it is so satisfying (and delicious) to eat a cinnamon roll fresh from the oven. This play experience not only helped to remove me from my headspace but caused me to venture into a different path in design I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. I also saw the value in play not only as a way to design differently but also as a stress relief.

Mind Map

Suggested Themes

1. My first specific theme I have an interest in exploring is mixology. I feel like there is not a lot in the market for organization of these items. Especially ones that are easy to afford and don’t take up that much space. I think this would be interesting to analyze as college life would be a great resource to pull from.

2. My second specific theme is to explore the genre of entertainment. With new technology constantly being released, families are upgrading to the next best thing. TV stands usually do not contain enough room or nooks in order to accommodate it all. I have noticed that “entertainment systems” in homes generally look thrown together rather than seeming like it all ties together. I think that looking into design to accomplish that would be interesting to investigate. From Wii to Xbox to Blu-ray, there are many possibilities to branch out from.

3. My third theme is to look at winter wear storage. I know there is a need for it because currently I have all of my hats and mittens shoved into one drawer. I also only use one hat for a whole season because I forget about the other ones that are all the way at the bottom. Being in Minnesota, winter organization is key to having a well-kempt house. There is not much out there for hat, scarves, etc. and this could be interesting to explore.

10 Silly Ideas

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