Individual Idea Generation

How Might We Display Shot Glasses?

For my problem statement, I crafted it based on not just the organizing aspect but also the experience of the product. While conducting interviews, most interviewees wanted a way to store their favorite shot glasses that will allow guests of their home to see them. This how might we statement not only aims to organize but also to include the decor aspect of storage.

I thought of most of my ideas while not sketching. I looked for inspiration in shapes, existing products, and areas around my home. I would make a note of it in my phone and then go back to sketch it later in the night. My ideation sketches are shown below:

New Warm-Up Game: Vroom! Vroom! Skrt!

The game I created was influenced by moving cars that I saw while I was walking home. Essentially, you and other players are standing around in a circle holding your hands up like you are driving. One person starts and goes “Vroom!” to their right which the person after repeats and this continues around the circle. In order to interrupt this movement, a person can choose to “Skrrt” which goes backward (or to the person’s left). This causes interruptions in the game so that people are likely to mess up. Due to this being a team-building game, I chose to create it to be a game where no one is eliminated for making the wrong movement/noise. So, if a person messes up, they let the group know of an action they must complete when the person yells out a certain word. For example, the person can yell dog, and everyone then acts like they are honking their horns. This causes more interruptions which gives the game a little bit more trickery which loosens people up a little bit more. A graphics containing the rules is below:

Session Organization

When organizing this session, I wanted to find people that were familiar with each other. I decided to ask around for people in pairs so that they would not feel uncomfortable sharing ideas that were random or odd. The total group was five people (including me), the others’ hands are shown:

Both pairs of people were past classmates/friends so it ended up working quite well to find them. I sent these people the How Might We statement the day before so that they could start to think about what ideas they could come with.

Participant 1: Stephen

He was raised in Puerto Rico and his mom is from Ecuador where the majority of his family lives. He is in a house off-campus and is 21 years of age. His major is urban planning with prior background in architecture.

Participant 2: Betanya

Betanya was raised in Minnesota but her parents and family are from Ethiopia where she has visited before. She lives in Dinkytown and is 21 years of age. Her major is neuroscience with a minor in psychology.

Participant 3: Tu-N

Tu-N was raised in Minnesota as well but her parents are from Vietnam and she speaks Vietnamese fluently. She still has family there and has traveled all over the world. Her major is interior design with a background in architecture. She lives in an apartment complex in Stadium Village and is 22 years of age.

Participant 4: Hunter

Hunter was born and raised in Minnesota. His family is from Rochester and he is 21 years of age. His major is the Bachelor of Design in Architecture and he lives in a house in Como.

These people were chosen because of their varying backgrounds and the variety of where they are located. I thought that having this wide variety of culture would trigger ideas that others would not have normally thought of as culture plays a role in how people organize and where certain items are kept. The variety of housing also helps in aiding how different organization is used in different housing structures and areas.

The Setting

I used a rather non-traditional setting in order to increase comfort with one another. To make it less formal, I used blankets as seating on the floor. This did seem to help calm nerves as everyone loosened up rather quickly. Each person received their post-it notes, a pencil, and the stickers right away. The How Might We statement was placed in the middle as a reminder and then pinned up on the wall.

Warm-Up Games

I started with simple games to slowly start the group’s creative and out-of-box thinking. We started with Red Ball, moved on to the one word story game, and then played my warm-up game. People did seem to like my game even though they were confused at first. Once a couple rounds went by, they started to pick it up. They are pictured playing this game.

Length of Time Dedicated

We all brainstormed for approximately 25 minutes which was around the time, even after introducing triggers in the middle (i.e. candy as a present to create dopamine, writing three characters down on card, designing bad ideas, etc.), that the group seemed to lag in ideas.


Time was 25 minutes and number of ideas was 60.

60 ideas / 25 minutes = 2.4 IPM

Sorting and Voting

I followed the sorting layout from class and had the group do a silent sort without directly naming the categories.

During the silent sort.

They then used a note card to label each of the groups. The ideas were then voted upon by stickers with green being feasible and purple being creative. These categories and votes are shown below:

  1. Animal Inspired
  2. Circulation
  3. Decor
  4. Disney
  5. Games
  6. Musical
  7. Plant
  8. Shot Glass Stands
  9. Shot Glass Architecture
  10. The Misfits
  11. Vehicle/Transportation
  12. Wearables

The team knew that there was a top ten and voted for the ideas that they think should belong there.

Overall, everyone seemed to enjoy the brainstorming session and the aftermath picture shows of fun chaos.

Top Ideas

1. Shot Ski Shelf

Credit: Hunter

2. Triplex Lazy Susan

Credit: Abbie

3. Checkershots

Credit: Steve

4. Shotler

Credit: Abbie

5. Shot Pot

Credit: Tu-N

6. Don’t be a Square

Credit: Abbie

7. Shot Totem Pole

Credit: Abbie

8. Shot Throne

Credit: Steve

9. Ship Shots

Credit: Abbie

10. The Hideaway

Credit: Abbie