The Cookie Project

Final Idea and Recipe

The final cookie is the “Popping Chocolate Marshmallow”. This flavor combines, chocolate, marshmallows, and popcorn. The base is topped with a broiled marshmallow, chocolate drizzle, and popcorn. The recipe and final appearance is pictured below:

Idea Generation

While thinking of recipes, I was influenced by everyday tastes and flavors that appealed to me. I went from more basic recipes like Pina colada, sweet and sour, and mimosa to flavors like PB&J and Doritos, marshmallows & popcorn, and Oreos & potato chips. I asked my roommates of interesting combinations that they liked and drew upon Pinterest ideas as well for the appearance factor. Towards the end, if I could find the recipe on Pinterest, I crossed it off the list. Process pictures are below:

Idea Test 1

Idea 1 was to create the flavor called “Popping Marshmallow.” This flavor incorporated the combination of marshmallow and popcorn, a flavor I remember coming together from my childhood, but have never seen in a cookie. I started off with a vanilla cookie base that had popcorn fresh from the microwave mixed in so that there is a little crunchiness in the cookie that is not normally there. I finished it off with broiling a marshmallow on top and then topping it with popcorn. The results were good and the people who tried the cookies placed this one on a higher scale. The only problems that occurred was that the cookies did not flatten out as much as I wanted and the popcorn became stale after a while. The process images are pictured in order and below:

Idea Test 2

Idea 2 was creating a flavor called “Oreo Chip,” which is a combination of the flavors of Oreos and potato chips. The exterior was an Oreo cookie base and the interior was a vanilla buttercream (with the melted middle from the Oreo cookie) mixed with potato chips. Overall, this one was good at first because the saltiness from the chips and sweetness from the Oreos paired well together but the chips eventually became soggy. That was the main complaint from feedback in this cookie and was ranked the lowest. The process pictures are below:


The final cookie chosen was the “Popping Marshmallow”, but improvements definitely had to be made. To avoid the tiny cookies, I flattened them out before baking which did cause them to spread more. In order to incorporate more of a popcorn flavor, I ground up a cup of popcorn in a blender and mixed that into the cookie so it was like a flour. I also added in a cup of non-crushed popcorn so that they were visible in the cookie. The major change was adding cocoa powder to the batter. This was done to not only ensure that the marshmallow appearance popped more from the cookie but also so that there was a greater variation in flavor introduced in the cookie upon first bite. The chocolate chips placed on top is an indication of the change in flavor as well. I double-broiled them so that the marshmallow was crunchy as well. Process pictures are listed below:

Baking process for the second iteration.
Final Cookie

Original Timeline

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