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On September 13th 2020 I posted a question about updating my rule on not watching superhero fare. In the original proposal from 2017 I had included a clause that allowed me to watch any movie that won an Oscar. With HBO’s Watchmen getting a slew of Emmy nominations I wanted to update the rule to include Emmy wins.

I posted four options about updating my policy and the “wildcard option” was the clear winner:

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So how to implement this updated rule?

A Television Control Experiment

Mike Crittenden wrote a short post called Stop changing, start experimenting that really stuck with me:

I bet right now, if you thought about it, you could come up with some change that would be great for your team or your project. And I bet you’ve been subconsciously dismissing it because “it’ll never fly” or “management won’t go for it” or “people will think it’s crazy.” And they probably will think it’s crazy, if you just suggest it as a “change”.


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