Life with Maggie

“I started out being a normal, only child. One who would like play with barbie dolls and stuff like that, you know? Yeah, like I was always one of those kids who shared everything. Then my brother and my sister came: they were twins so they had this weird twin-talk thing where they could understand each other. They were like the bad kids who like took my crayons and stuff and threw them on the ground which made my mom like, really mad. I was always a good kid which is why my mom and i get along together so well. Well, I mean, I think that I want my parents to be less strict and like let me go places whenever if I text them and let them know where I am. I don’t know. Other than that, I think that I really had a good childhood because my family was so supportive and we got along so well so that kind of made me happy. I really like going somewhere different that’s not really around here like hiking or something, like a picnic, listening to Justin Bieber. The girl I drive to school with doesn’t really have an aux cord so we can’t listen to him so we usually just listen to the radio, it sucks. One time, I bought these VIP tickets to Justin’s show and apparently we didn’t get the wristbands or something and couldn’t get into the meet and greet place. I was like on the verge of crying I was so sad. They didn’t even give me my money back so it was such a waste, other than the concert. I’m just really grateful for my family and how they are always there for me”.

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