Spanish class. Those very words send chills through my body every time I heard it. Spanish was always a battle. From readings to the millions of tenses that were crammed into our head. It was hard for me to learn and memorize all these rules of Spanish grammar and ultimately sent me into a stressful mindset inside and outside the classroom. The classroom was just another school room. Flags and posters littered the walls from graduated students who have moved on from this place. The smell was something that I always hated. It was the kind of classroom that always smelled like mold and mildew from when it rained outside. I was always in the front after I got caught playing Balloon Tower Defense which didn’t make the situation any better.

The classwork was tough. I never felt like I had a gasp on any of the information that was given and I regret not asking for help but I was always scared to ask. The tenses were the hardest part. Knowing where to put them and when to use them made my head spin. Speaking was even worse because I had to think of things on the spot instead of waiting till i get home to do my writing homework and look up the answers online. The teacher was ok but I felt that the lessons were too vague, especially for people where Spanish didn’t come as easy to them. I think that part of the reason i struggled so much was because I was always in the higher Spanish class because I wanted to get it done quicker.

Homework was tough. Every night I had to find a different way to motivate myself whether that be procrastination or listening to Marvin’s Room on loop until I was emotionally stimulated. After that, homework usually consisted of a lot of words that I’m pretty sure my teacher was just making up at this point. Regardless, frustration was a common theme most nights but eventually I got done with it and was able to rest for a little bit before the next day. I think that overall I could have definitely had better time management which is something that I have gotten better at over the years of being at Prospect.