The Mysterious Man

I open my eyes and roll over to my side, only to find a strange warmth next to me. It was him, the man in my dreams. Wrinkles riddled his face as he stood next to my bedside, staring straight into my soul. I sprung out of bed, opened my door, and fled down the hall. A faint laugh followed me throughout the house. Panting, Sweating, and scared I tried to open all the doors. No use, they were locked. I felt like my options were dwindling as I armed myself with kitchen knifes I accrued while there. I lunged towards the apparition only to find myself feeling the coldness of the man as I passed right through him, tumbling to the ground on the other side. I retreated, finding myself in the basement. I cursed myself by breaking the vow saying that I wouldn’t do anything stupid in a horror movie situation. The sound of clacking wood sent chills up my spine as I watched the man step slowly down the stairs without breaking eye contact. I had to think fast. My mind went reeling until I noticed the basement window. I sprang towards the window, escaping just seconds before the man swiped for my feet. I ran down the block screaming for help, not looking back to the house.

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