Amazon’s Prime Air might be a success

Amazon has finally started thinking about a different delivery system for their customers. The U.S Patent and Trademark Office granted Amazon a patent for a method to guide packages released from drobes safely to the ground. The drone delivers the packages in customers yards, for a safe delivery which prevents dangerous outcomes like hitting other drones, and any people, pets, or objects all around. The drones would use magnets, parachutes and springcoils in order for a safe delivery while mid flight. I have chosen CNN and FOXNEWS to display the different perceptions each articles had toward eachother.

To begin with, CNN had a great heading for the article stating “Amazon’s delivery drones may drop packages via parachutes” and this caught my attention of usuing diction and stating the word “may” trying to show that nothing is certain with the amazons drone delivery. This is important because it tells the reader it is not certain with the delivery and for them to not get their hopes up. The articles stacking system was very different compared to FOXNEWS. CNN decided to put the patent information in the beginning of the article making it one of the most important pieces. This is very important because it tells the readers that this patent is another step forward to actually making drone delivery come to life, and not just an idea. The article also included plans of Google developing its own drone delivery system. It stated “Flirtey completed an automated drone trial with 77 packages delivered from a 7-Eleven in Reno, Nevada” showing the audience that their is competition out there, while FOXNEWS did not add anything about competition.

On the other hand, FOXNEWS had some of their differences and similarities to CNN. One almost identical similarity to CNN was the headline reading “Amazon considers parachutes for drone delivered packages”. The word “considers” draws attention to the audience saying that its not for sure going to happen but a possibility. FOXNEWS decided to go differently on the most importamt problem of drone delivery. One of the first things they talked about was how amazon would achieve the delivery process. FOXNEWS talked about how landing the drone would be the best bet but flyong over and dropping it would be more efficient. The patent for amazon was not stated till later in the article showing stacking at its finest. FOXNEWS decided to focus on delivery process while CNN focused more on the patent to be most important. Towards the end, FOWNEWS had a lot to say about delivery system. Not like CNN, FOXNEWS had a lot of their own opinions on the situation. As stated in the article, “Wouldn’t it just be easier to have the drone determine how low it needs to hiver based on thr weather conditions to ensure a successful drop?” and with them saying this, it give the audience a different percepective on amazon now. It makes them look dumb and FOXNEWS smart for having this idea.

As both articles were very informative, they both still had an impact on which article you actually read. The CNN article was very straight forward with information and tried to show that it was possible but with a lot more work ahead of them. The FOXNEWS was more towards it not working with their own opinions making amazon prime air look stupid. Overall, it really does depend which article you read, because perception makes you look at the idea differently causing different outcomes, sometimes good or bad.