Week 2 survival and how much I hate floats

I felt pretty good about getting through the first week intact…well somewhat intact. The weekend was spent catching up on reading, and finishing up our homework assignment, which I got the majority done by staying later on Friday. I have realized again, which I already knew about myself, I work better at school because there are less “shinnies” to drag my attention away. I thought that I would catch up on the home front with cooking and cleaning, as my poor husband had been living out of cans and boxes all week. Once I did some cooking done, and could finally see the floor again, I tried to relax and focus to get ready for the week. Boy, did I need that.

Start of week 2 and first day I had to hold back tears I was so frustrated. Floats are the bane of my existence. I hate them with a passion. It was the first homework assignment I just could not finish. I try to get to bed by a certain time since I have a longer drive to school so I am not the person that falls asleep at the wheel and takes myself and others out on the way. I was sitting, staring at my laptop until 10:30, already half an hour past when I make myself head towards the bedroom. My brain hurt, my eyes were getting blurry, and I was upset that I could not think my way around how to code this damn webpage. I went to bed and stared at the ceiling for about 2 hours thinking about it.

Next morning I got my email for the assignment, knowing I did not finish the entire page, and got the big RED mark-completed but unsatisfactory. Sitting there, holding my head in my hands, I wondered what I was thinking. However, the feedback did say I was not the only one, which at least made me feel I was not drowning alone. Thankfully, we were allowed to stop, step back, and do a take 2 on the assignment, pairing with others in the class that seemed to be catching on faster. That day was a bit of a turnabout for me. Sometimes one-on-one help really makes a difference, and spending a few hours re-working the assignment registered with my brain. I started to feel much more comfortable with the work and got to know google very well.

By the end of the week, I was challenged by the weekend homework, but didn’t feel like I was going to drown. THAT I considered a huge step forward for me, and I am SO EXCITED. When we tackled Bootstrap, at first I was like what in the world is this column, row, container stuff….huh? But anything that makes me not write the word FLOAT ever again, is my new best friend. I am really starting to enjoy coding…the challenge of it, working around issues and getting things to do what I want them to do. My goal was to do as much of the weekend assignment that I could without having to ask questions, and I was proud how much I got done on my own. There are still a few tweaks that are necessary, but I will get those figured out.

This week for me is going to be amazing! I am so excited about getting into the design side and revisiting a lot of things I have not in many years. Getting to work with Illustrator and a current version of Photoshop makes me do a happy dance.

I feel so very lucky to be in this program, with this unique group of individuals and am really looking forward to the next 10 weeks to see what comes out of it all.

If I could figure out how to go as a float for Halloween, I would. At least I would get some amusement out of them.