Jiu-Jitsu Two Stripe WB. I began training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on July 19, 2016 (4:30PM MT, to be exact). My first gym was a place in Broomfield, Colorado called Zingano (named after the late Mauricio Zingano). There, I learned to “shrimp,” complete double-leg takedowns, escape a front headlock, and more. I fell in love. Part sport, part martial art, and part philosophy, I was drawn to the complexity and beauty of jiu-jitsu. On August 29, seeking a more flexible training schedule, I moved to Easton Training Center in Boulder. As of this morning, I am a two-stripe white belt.

Note to self: This seems only moderately interesting. Can you captivate an audience in 100 words? What if the limitation is prose? Is poetry a better form? What is the goal in conveying this information? Is it meant to inspire? Inform? Challenge? Analyze? Who is the audience? A casual observer? A technical practitioner? Take these questions into account when writing. Objectives matter. The intended audience matters. Don’t try to satisfy everyone at once.

Another note to self: It would be a fun exercise to try to write the same story in 10 different ways: journalistic report, academic paper, police report, poem, casual conversation, YA fiction, breaking news, haiku, stand-up comedy, stilted