The Key to Success.

Is writing books about how other people can be successful, and in so doing, become successful yourself. Also the book is about how to write books on becoming successful. I call it: Successception.

Step 1: Have a hard-knock life. Life is relative so even if you were raised in Beverly Hills, just find even a shred of adversity.

Step 2: Talk about how that adversity really got you down for a long time; you even fell in with the wrong crowd.

Step 3: Tell a compelling story about being strung out on weed or Xanax or doughnuts and stumbling home at 3am to a TV blaring something about ‘CHANGE YOUR LIFE SEMINAR”

Step 4: You went to the seminar, you were inspired, oh man. Montage.

Step 5: Now you’re successfully writing a book about how to successfully write a book. Sell it.