H1B — My Personal Experience With The Genius Visa

Just my two cents on the H1B. I personally think that this is good for America and that the issues of “stealing jobs” comes down to the education system. Schools need to be provided the resources, the mindset, and the curriculum to enhance math and science and put an emphasis to fill the job markets that are growing in the US and being filled by “foreign workers.” As technology advances, there are some jobs that will become obsolete but will be replaced by new ones that require NEW skill sets. This is just the nature of the beast and we need to help provide education and easy, affordable access to learn those skills.

Now some jobs do remain and to address that, the H1B does not take jobs away from blue collars in industries like steel, manufacturing, coal miners, auto makers, mom and pop shops, etc. This specifically targets the innovation and technology sector and actually helps the economy. The H1B is to hire high-skilled technologists.


My dad came here on an H1B visa and he and his partner, who also came on an H1B, formed a company called ExtraQuest and Stratavia back in early 2000 before selling to Hewlett-Packard and DataVil in 2006 and 2010 that helped employ over 200 employees-both white and blue collar. The company generated millions of dollars in the economy while indirectly creating multiple jobs for the American people due to the technology and services they built. Today he continues to be a serial entrepreneur and investor.

Other examples in the TECHNOLOGY Industry where founders are either immigrants or came to America with the help of the H1B are:

· SelectHub: Co-founder, Uncle Venkat Devraj
· Tesla: Founder Elon Musk
· Google: Co-founder Sergey Brin
· PayPal: Founder Elon Musk
· Cognizant: Co-founders Kumar Mahadeva and Francisco D’Souza
· Yahoo!: Co-founder Jerry Yang
· eBay: Co-founder Pierre Omidyar
· Qualcomm: Co-founder Andrew Viterbi
· VMware: Co-founder Edouard Bugnion
· Tallwood Venture Capital: Founder Dado Banatao
· Chobbani (Not technology but again employs thousands): Founder Hamdi Ulukaya
· Forever 21 (Not technology but employs thousands of Americans including teenagers, college students, and low-income families): Don Sok and Jin Sook Chang

..and many more!!!

But here is my thought that someone graciously opened my eyes to. The problem stems again from the education system. There are multitude of openings in companies like Raytheon, Oracle, Google, Microsoft, and Apple just to name a few that have been opened for more than 6 months that are not being filled because they need software engineers, database engineers, computer programmers, UX researchers, and UI designers and even marketing specialists that are knowledgeable in SQL, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C++ that cannot be filled due to the lack of experience and knowledge in these subjects.

To counter, there are also job openings where trade crafts are desired but there has been a stigma in our generation about attending trade schools. The problem is the education system and the mindset.

I’m not an expert and if you don’t listen to me, listen to Dr. Michio Kaku. Also, though they are tech giants, and there is animosity about the rich getting richer some are doing more for the economy than most and giving back to the community. Listen to the likes of Bill Gates, to Warren Buffet, to Mark Zuckerberg, to Reid Hoffman, to Evan Williams, to Travis Kalanick, to Alexis Ohanian, to Jeff Bezos, to Tim Cook, to name a few, who created nothing into something…their companies have created and shaped industries and the technology and the social media platforms you are currently using. They have created products that most of us cannot live without, first world problems like Facebook, Twitter, iPhones, Amazon Prime, LinkedIn, Uber, etc.

Although some companies have, yes, abused it and I believe there needs to be stricter laws and Congress needs to be better about those companies, the H1B is inherently good. It’s to bring the best minds from around the world to the US to help propel us in our advancements in health, science, and technology. Find the best people, keep the best people, educate the best, and grow to be the best. Because yes, I believe America is the best place to live in. That is why my family worked incredibly hard to come here from a third world country and be blessed to have the opportunities to live a comfortable and prosperous life and be given the equal opportunity to give back to the community.