If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You
Sasha Stone

So. You know more about what I care about then I do? Or my motivations on choosing how to vote?

How refreshing, another 17 y/o know it all, who decided to blog all the dumb crap kids used to only say to their parents (right before they got invited to hit the pavement if they didn’t like the rules… )

You are going to tell me why I’m wrong to dislike Hilary as much as Trump? Puuuuulease child, check that attitude and be quick about it.

I started working at 14. well, truthfully I babysat daily after school at 12, but a paycheck with taxes removed was 14.

I got married, had 3 kids (all with the same dad!) worked 30 years at a union job. Was widowed. Forced to retire so they could up value the company they ran into the ground before they sold it.

I’ve voted in a number of Presidential elections, and I have ALWAYs voted based on my belief of the best candidate.

SHAME ON YOU, the media, and the 2 puppet parties for attempting to tell people their vote is a tantrum, or a waste, or worse AN OBLIGATION. I don’t owe the DNC/party or their pawn a vote. That’s crap! Deep disgusting shite. Same for the RNC.

In truth, THEY OWE ME. They owe me an honest election process, which didn’t happen. (Don’t belittle my outrage, it’s been many years in the making. Before you knew who the president was I’d wager.)

If they want my vote, they need to show they DESERVE it (that hasn’t happened either)

That’s right, they need to earn my vote, and everyone’s vote. Voting for someone you hate, rewarding a party that cheated, tricked, and manipulated their candidate to the front, over 12 year old promises?

To promote people who cheated the American people of fair representation in an election.. And someone who used their position to help friends profit (kick back?) by betraying the American people, spending over $50,000 tax payer $$ to send over 1700 of our protected wild horses to slaughter in Mexico earning an estimated $1,000,000 by this betrayal? Do you know WHO she associates with? How many interns her husband molested?

Sure I get the other guy clearly does not have healthy physical boundaries with his daughter.. And his wife’s basically a porn star, and the previous one was a bimbo (hooker?)

The point is NEITHER is fit and its ridiculous that you think you can toss Ralph Nader in there, and drop the mic. I live in California. I know about Nader and Prop 13, insurance reform.. Stuff long before he ran for President. Same, same with Hillary and Trump. I LIVED IT REAL TIME. I didn’t just read about it on the Internet. Yes, I lived Watergate and Whitewater. All 3 of Trumps wives, and bankruptcies! I don’t need you to put your spin on it, or your arm chair critique. Live it baby!

Let’s talk Ross Perot. Let’s talk failed foreign policies. Lets talk manipulation of foreign governments for monetary gains.

Because war is always about something, (money, land, power or revenge.) it’s rarely accidental, though often uncontrollable.

Lets house our homeless. Feed our children, educate them, and treat or mentally ill and our veterans before we assist more immigrants, without doing a thing to stop the stream of illegal arrivals that pours in every day.

Don’t tell me she’s anti TPP because she’s not. How do I know? I know her history, I’ve lived America the Clinton era. They wheeled and dealed so they would have an income and support after the Whitehouse.

So sorry not sorry go take a flying leap at a rolling donut.

My vote is MY vote. Not yours or anyone else’s. Stop telling people their votes are wasted. Independents are over 40% of voters for a reason. We are the BIGGEST voting block. Our votes need to be earned.

So tell your candidate to resign her campaign. Because if Trump gets in the Whitehouse it will be her and the DNCs fault, not mine.