An Open Letter to My Loved Ones who Support Trump

To my family members and close friends that are voting for Trump:

I am personally hurt and offended by your decision to vote for Donald Trump this November. Of course I love you and respect your right to vote for whomever you choose, but I can’t help feeling victimized by your choice, especially in light of recent events. No matter how much you love his blind visions of building a wall or deporting enough people that maybe one dangerous one is gone, too, it comes down to the fact that Donald Trump does not care about me. In fact, he wants to harm me. I thought you loved me; why do you want him to hurt me?

Donald Trump wants to take away my rights as a woman. He wants to control my body in unfathomable ways. He wants to undo legislation that protects my right to my uterus and my reproductive freedom. He wants to shut down facilities that can provide me with cancer screenings, contraceptives, STI prevention, pap smears and so many more things that could save my life.

Moreover, Donald Trump will not recognize and even feeds the epidemic of sexual crime against women like me in this country. Donald Trump does not care if I am sexually assaulted, nor about my friends that have already been sexually assaulted. He believes that he can kiss any beautiful woman he sees without asking consent. He believes he can grab a woman “by the pussy” without consequences. He believes that he, as a celebrity, has the right to sex with married women — and even more of a right with unmarried women. These actions that he believes in are sexual assault. Worse, by trying to excuse his words as “locker room talk,” he is deeming acceptable the horrific ways men mistreat women behind their backs. And, by validating these beliefs that are unfortunately shared by so many men in this country, he is promoting a culture of rape that is only getting worse. “Locker room talks” lead to disturbing actions. Please don’t vote for this; please don’t make me the next victim.

Finally, Mr. Trump’s hatred for me is painfully shallow. Donald Trump does not care about me if I don’t have big breasts. Donald Trump does not care about me if I eat a lot. Donald Trump does not care about me unless I am skinny. Unless I have nice physical assets. Unless I’m passive. Unless I’m a follower. Donald Trump does not care about me, period.

You see, dear relative, by voting for Donald Trump, you are voting against me. You are voting against your daughters and granddaughters and sisters and nieces and mothers and friends. You are voting against women, no matter their relationship to you. However, it’s about more than just me as a woman. You are voting to take away the rights of our LGBTQ family members and friends to marry or use the bathroom in public. You are voting to devalue the lives of our African American friends. You are voting to kick our Muslim allies out of the country. You are voting for the false claim that our Latinx friends are rapists and drug dealers. You are voting for the discrimination and hatred of people you know, even people you love. People like me.

I, as a woman you love, am offended that you are voting to harm me. I am begging you to protect me in this election and think twice about your vote. Because you care about me.

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