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Logical Fallacies That Affect Our World

Errors in thinking can cause serious problems in our world today. From World War II to 9/11, errors in thinking cause humans to believe things that should not be believed. Throughout the lives of others, logical fallacies are seen throughout the daily life. This idea is simply due to everyone always wants to be right, and these people will find a way to be right even if they are not correct. Although many errors are seen, three significant errors are seen in people’s lives. Three logical fallacies cause people to change their perception of the world.

The first error in thinking that troubles many human beings is an argument from ignorance. One example of how the argument from ignorance is common in society today is through homeopathy treatment. No valid evidence of homeopathy treatment working exists. However, when people use this type of treatment, they claim to feel better. Thus they make the assumption* that the treatment must work. Another example of how the argument from ignorance troubles many human beings is seen through the moon landing “hoax.” Many people have claimed that there were no stars in the background of pictures and the flag showed no sign of movement. These people concluded that because of this, the moon landing had to have been faked. One final example of how the argument from ignorance causes trouble amongst many human beings is seen in the Bigfoot case. People see unidentifiable objects in pictures, videos, and sometimes see the objects in real life and claim that they have to be Bigfoot. These people do not take the time to think of other explanations of what the object may be. As seen, many people say something just to prove that there is an explanation for everything.

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Another error in thinking that creates issues among people is the argument from authority fallacy. In the Lochness Monster case, a surgeon released a photo of a fake Lochness Monster, but he claimed that the picture was genuine. People assumed that because it was a surgeon who published the photo, the surgeon could not be lying. The people did not take into consideration that the surgeon could have been wrong, but that he was right because of his position. Combining what someone’s profession is and the information given does not always show that what is said is true. Another example of the argument from authority fallacy is seen in the 9/11 conspiracy theory. Scientists said that the buildings’ fall speed was too fast for the type of impact generated. People heard this and automatically believed 9/11 was an inside job. Although this theory has been disproven multiple times, many still believe that 9/11 was an inside job. The last example of the argument from authority fallacy was seen in the Holocaust debate. A professor and his assistant were trying to make an audience start believing in the Holocaust. A woman shared with the man a tattooed number that she got from the Holocaust concentration camps she was at. The professor’s assistant said that the tattoo was fake, but only because the professor said the Holocaust was fake. In conclusion, many people believe that because a higher authority says something, then what that person had to be true, but this is not correct in many circumstances.

The final error in thinking that stirs confusion among people is not taking chance and coincidence into consideration. The first example of not chance and coincidence into consideration is seen in the moon landing “hoax”. Many people saw footprints on the moon and thought that they were not the first ones on the moon. However, the astronauts who were on the moon could have explored a little before taking pictures. The people who believed the moon landing was a hoax did not take this into account. Instead, they believed the first idea that formed in their head. A second example of people not taking the role of chance and coincidence can be seen through using tarot cards. Many people, for instance, believe tarot cards can help someone find their true love. Tarot cards helping find genuine love can be an example of chance and coincidence because people are bound to find love one day. Tarot cards can cause someone to find love forcefully. A final example of people not taking the role of chance and coincidence into consideration is seen in the 9/11 conspiracy. Statistics show that many Jewish people did not show up to work on that September morning. When people saw these statistics, they thought it had to be Jews trying to get revenge for what happened during the Holocaust. It could be just a coincidence that many Jews did not show up to work that day, but no one takes this consideration.

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If humans become more educated and more aware of these fallacies, we could think critically and make better decisions in our day to day lives. The less logical fallacies being used, and the problems will be created in our world today.

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