Maybe we should all be “sore losers” this week…

Originally posted on Facebook (where the real war is apparently being fought).

Few things better demonstrate how stratified the U.S. is than claims that liberals are being whiny sore losers. We’re breaking Godwin’s Law left and right (and in fact should perhaps put a moratorium on it until 2020), and yet we’re being told to “suck it up and move on.” Like we lost a football game, instead of the most important presidential election in, well, a long time.

Look, I’d be annoyed if Ted Cruz won, but that’s not what this moment is about. The rants and protests are against a person who spoke and campaigned like a tyrant for 18 months, because changing peoples’ minds about him is imperative.

The reason is simple: I was sure his unconstitutional campaign promises were impossible because I was sure a Trump presidency was impossible. Well, wonder of wonders, it turns out his presidency was possible after all, so does that mean his campaign promises are possible too?

Just for starters…

Is he actually going to try to create a muslim registry, as he said repeatedly he would?

Is he actually going to try to scale back our First Amendment rights, as he said he would?

Is he really going to disregard the ethical demands of a blind trust? (Yes, and he’s already begun doing it.)

Is he really going to throw out the revolving-door policies that Obama established to avoid hiring lobbyists? (The answer to this one is also yes, and he’s already doing it.)

Is he really going to deepen our relationship with Putin, the most dangerous, aggressive leader on the planet? (Yes, it appears so.)

Is he actually going to both cut taxes and roll out an expansive public works program to rebuild our national infrastructure? Does that mean we’re saying goodbye to any hope of a balanced budget?

Is he really as cavalier about both military engagement and nuclear proliferation as he says he is?

Is really thinking about Ben Carson for the SecEd job? And if so, will our university system move from a PC culture to a government censorship culture?

Is he actually going to appoint a climate denier as the head of the EPA? (That’s not a constitutional threat, more of an existential one, but you get the idea).

Is he really going to repeal Obamac…oh, he’s not? So wait, what are we supposed to believe about this guy?

Even if we ignore the terrible things he and his inner circle have said about race and gender relations and just stick to his policy claims and his early decisions, we have to ask: Are those things real? Or are they “campaign devices”? (As Gingrich called the Mexican-funded wall). Can it be possible that the guy who labeled his opponent “crooked Hillary” has, in the past four days, already begun building an administration that flaunts all the anti-corruption safeguards that his predecessors put in place to protect us? Could it be that instead of draining the swamp, he’s feeding the alligators, including himself? Could it be that he’s already completely reversing himself on the fundamental tenets of his campaign? All signs so far point to “yes.”

The point of the last week of ranting isn’t “my guy lost.” The point is we should be furious and nervous, whatever side we’re on. Even if you voted for him. Especially if you voted for him.

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