The VR/AR Gaming Industry

If I could create something that would impact the game industry in a ground breaking way it would have to be a midevil VR/AR online game that lets you experience our world if it was run by knights, monsters and witches. Sounds fun right?


Occupation: Professional Gaming

Name: Brenda

A Quote: Im a Legend

2–3 sentences describing what motivates them:

Brenda love playing games and started doing it professionally

Their experience level with VR:

Has all the VR headsets and keeps looking for new games to play in VR

  • How accessible would each VR platform be to your target student in terms of price? Take into account location, age, and income.

Since this person is a professional gamer its assumed that they have every platform. Its kind of their job to have these things and I can treat this person like a business company.

  • How interactive does your lesson need to be? For example, do I need to pick things up or could I get away with just looking at objects?

This game will be completely immersive and will require most things to be interactive

  • How realistic do your visuals need to be in order to teach? For example, could I use 2D images and videos in a 3D Environment or do you need high poly 3D models.

Considering the game might be very laggy since it will be online the objects will look some realism even as 3D models. Lighting will not effect the models at all to reduce game calculations.

  • Does my student need to feel like a participant in the experience or can they be a passive viewer? Could they be both?

My user will feel like they are a person inside the game and every choice they make has a reaction

  • Given the answers above, what are potential platforms you could use for your experience?

The only platforms I would focus on would be the HTC Vive and Occulus Rift. They both hold the power I need to start this project.