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From my algorithm book.

I don’t have 24hrs, I have 12hrs x 2 every day.

The concept I use to stay productive.

Everybody in this world got their own time which is the 24hours a day. But I take it differently (maybe I’m not the only one) I installed a small concept (the 12hrs clock) into it so that I could easily bye pass my brain and stay productive with time.

24 Hours a day

Somedays 24hours is more than enough and on other days I feel like I need more time to complete that project. But we don’t have any control over the solar system, and the decades to come, time will stay the same.

But we have the complete control of what we do and we should do with our time, so optimising your time usage is completely in your hands.

That’s what made me craft this algorithm.

It’s very simple!

12 hours x 2.

Let’s break the 24 hours into 2 x 12hours which is the same. But there is something very interesting in here,

the break up happens at 9.

9 AM → 9 PM & 9 PM → 9 AM

9 AM → 9 PM

Business time.

That’s what I call my first 12 hours, the business hours. It starts from 9'o clock morning and ends up at 9'o clock evening. That’s a complete 12 hours in your pocket and you should be at your very best throughout the 12 hours.

This is the time when you make things happen and there shouldn’t be any compromise between productivity and energy levels. You should be at your very best and you should radiate positive energy throughout.

That’s a total of 12 hours, let’s make it 10 hours (work time). So 10 hours x a week (7 days) is equal to 70 hours work week. That’s pretty cool, but wait, there are another 12 hours left in the bag.

9 PM → 9 AM | 9 PM → 9 AM

9 PM → 9 AM

Preparation time

I love 9 PM → to 9 AM because I can sleep. Practically 9 PM → 9 AM is serious preparation time because sleeping at 10 PM is impossible if you keep looking at your laptop or mobile until 10 PM, so the most recommended way is to stop using your gadgets by 9 PM (business hours end) and start reading at 9 PM (preparation starts).

When you turn off your gadgets by 9 PM, you can do something like reading or taking a shower or whatever you want (without involving gadgets), so that the quality of your sleep would be much better.

When you wake up at 5 AM (after 7 hours of sleep), you can do your meditation, do some exercises or yoga or even a run (most recommended) and get yourself prepared to have your healthy breakfast (8 AM).

You’ve one hour left to start your business hours,

Reading might help? it works like a charm!

So by the time, it’s 9 AM, you’re completely fresh, your serotonin levels are high, your mind is blissful, your stomach is perfect, and you’re gonna punch right in the face of your procrastinated works.

You’re productive (if not, consult a doctor).

That’s how the algorithm works, 9–9 (12 hours of preparation) and 9–9 (12 hours of business). Give this a try, you’ll love it, and you’ll surely start to see beautiful changes in your work and your mind.

Note: Using your brain and your body completely throughout the day for work is not recommended, implementing a concept like this will surely help balance your work-life activities. Make it a habit (do it 21 days continuously).

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