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Work-from-home is here to stay, but these tips can help your organization come together while staying apart.

Like most offices in North America, we locked our office doors on March 16th and moved our whole team remote. And like all those other offices, switching to a full work-from-home setup brought a slew of work-life changes to our team. We knew, especially with a shift this abrupt, that we’d need to make some changes as an organization to ensure our team felt as supported, engaged, and capable of doing their work as they’ve always been.

We decided early on that we needed to make our company culture a focus, and so we created a team to dig in on the changed circumstances and how they were impacting our teams. From our research, we were able to surface a few key findings that helped us create a roadmap we’ve been testing and iterating against. There is no silver bullet solution, but we believe these findings can help any organization dealing with these sudden and sweeping changes. …


Kristen Morith

Interaction Designer @Myplanet

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