Observations: All addictions are the same.

I never thought that I could relate to the withdrawal symptoms of a heroin addict. I don’t do hard drugs, and I never have. But, as I listened an episode of the podcast, Death, Sex & Money today, I started to think: Are all addictions the same?

On the podcast, two former heroin addicts described their life’s torrential roller-coaster: the emotional, and physical turmoil they experienced over the past 10 years since first trying drugs.

The couple brings you through their ups and down. Their first high — “I felt invincible, but nothing really mattered.” Their withdrawals — “it makes you want to jump out of your skin.”

…And weirdly enough, I quickly went from sympathizing for them, to empathizing with them.

I realized that addiction of any kind is universal. And okay, I know there will be some of you who think I am callous, and yes, there are definitely dangerous, horrible aspects of drug additions.

But, when I think about it, I am addicted to many things.

I actually feel a craving, much like this couple did, that makes me want to eject myself from the humdrum normalcy of my life. I feel like I’m a seething addict, always searching for that next adventure. Once I feel comfortable, and this exciting, shiny thing shows it’s first hint of rust, I want out.

It’s always been a fault of mine, I guess, reflected in all aspects of my life — relationships, jobs, cities. Is this human nature? Is it in our DNA to always be searching for the Next Best Thing? Or are there just weird, deformed humans, those of us who never mutated to accept settlement? Those who still have a nomadic feature turned on in our brains.

I don’t know the answers. All I can tell you is that I just booked a “weekend trip” to Tulum, because I started to feel that suffocating fiend, complacency, sneak up on me again. I started to feel anxious, and antsy, and soon, booking a trip immersed itself into all of my thoughts. I couldn’t stop thinking, researching, talking about it until I actually did it.

Until I let this deep human urge Win.

But, can any addictions be positive? I’m stuck. Maybe we have to find those addictions that keep pushing us to be better. The ones that leave us feeling kind of empty until we reach the next phase. Or, maybe we have to become okay with being Normal. Stop being addicted to change.

Whatever, I vote for the first option. Being crazy is always better than being boring, right?

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