How do you motivate yourself?

I have struggled with this concept for a while and even though, motivation is different for everyone, I believe it comes down to one thing. I was having a conversation with my brother and my friend, and my friend had suggested that the biggest difference between us and those we want to strive to be is not a lack of motivation, but the mindset. I cannot remember who said this, but I was listening to a podcast and the person speaking was quoted saying: “You cannot build something through your old self. True success is growing out of who you were.” Therefore, if you want things to change, it starts with you. How you think determines everything, so you have to ask yourself if your mindset is serving or holding you back?

The best way to get to where we want to be is by being educated into having the right mindset because motivation will help get you out there, but it is not what will keep you going. There are many different resources we can use to develop the right mindset such as reading a book or listening to a podcast, but I find that to be the person you want to be, the following two things are important:

  1. Follow or seek advice from people that have knowledge in the area you want to go into. This can simply be done by seeking a mentor or a coach. Motivation to be great is good, but without direction, it is flawed.
  2. If you are dissatisfied with where you are, seek to add new associations to stretch your vision. This does not mean that you need to drop your old friends, but find people who will challenge you in a different way. You are a product of your environment, so if you’re surrounded by people who are unmotivated or uninspiring, that will become the norm for you. A lot of success depends on your mindset, so if you surround yourself with the right people who’s energy is infectious, you will be able to feed off that and eventually, rise to their level of success.

Going back to the question above, motivation is not so much about finding the reason for why you do what you do or having that desire to do something. Motivation starts by developing your mind and focusing on one or two things that will move you forward. Having a reason or desire will stunt your growth because the moment you lose your “why” or that burning desire, you become stagnant. In order for you to consistently grow, you must always be conscious of your mind because your thoughts turn into words, words turn actions and actions become your habits. Therefore, you need to keep developing your mind every day as if you were a brand new person.