How to improve your video marketing?

Did you know…? Only 9% of small businesses use YouTube. It’s your time to take advantage of it! If you have made the decision to open your YouTube channel, it is time to promote it. Why would you upload a video that you don’t want people to see? Exact! No one would. Therefore, we will tell you in 9 simple tips on how to increase Youtube views.

1. Content you provide

Contrary to what you think, the average time people spend watching YouTube videos from their mobile is 40 minutes. Do not you believe it? It is true! People have chosen to fully value content, no matter how much time they have to spend. As a good example, there is this blog. Although it will probably take time to read, you will because it will add a lot to your knowledge about how to position a video on YouTube.

2. A title that captures the eyes

The first thing that will catch the attention of users will be the title you choose. Remember that you will always see the one with the most striking title of all. You can take for example the news or magazines of entertainment, since they always achieve striking and original titles.

3. A good description will lead you to go viral

You can have a wonderful video on your channel, but the possibility of having views without description are minimal. People generally prefer to read a good review of what they will see, before wasting 3 minutes of their time on a video.

4. Your image will say more than a thousand words

So is! The saying is true, even online. Include as part of your YouTube strategy a good choice for the thumbnail that comes out as a preview of your video. This will make people click on it and upload your views.

5. Interact with other youtubers

Like any social network, it is recommended that you have interaction with other channels to make yourself noticed. Get into channels that have a good number of views and leave a comment with the link to one of your best videos. You will see how more people will see it!

6. Crossmedia and SEO

When generating a good digital marketing strategy, it is essential to consider doing crossmedia . YouTube is no exception. Share your video on other social networks and attract fans from other platforms to your YouTube channel.

7. Post frequently

Take advantage of smartphones and cameras that record in high quality to make short videos that do not exceed 3 minutes in length. It has been verified that after this time the attention of the users declines. You can make videos with a particular theme such as: “cook in 3 minutes”, “Smartphone functions”, humor segments or simply sing a song. Also, you could give it a commercial twist and post tutorial videos about the products and services you offer.

8. Set up a good profile for your channel

Customize the channel. Add the links of your website, social networks, blog. Add an avatar and cover photo. Be yourself. Personalizing the channel is important to give a good impression to those who reach your videos. Remember that you can highlight the video that you would like to see more so that the visitor is tempted to watch it.

9. Encourage your community

Just as you do on other social networks, you can incentivize the community to leave their comments by asking a closing question in the videos that appeals directly to the viewer. Or you can launch a slogan for other users to issue a video response.

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