Enjoy the Silence

Or why my year of writing just up and disappeared

Sometimes, to figure out what you think, you need to write. And other times, to figure out what and how to think, you need to listen. I have entered a listening time, which I consider as important an act to writing as tapping my thumbs against this phone screen. I will be back, though probably in a slightly different forum, soon enough.

For now, you should follow my husband Michael Silver and my friend kriz bell and some of the people I am busy listening to: Ijeoma Oluo , The DiDi Delgado , KC Clements , chase strangio and others you’ll see me highlighting from time to time.

Oh and I might write a poem every once in a while — you can find those in my series “Poems from a Moving Train.” It might contain photos, too. Still figuring all that out. In the meanwhile,