A day in my life

Work Day

A little context: We have a 2-3 person support team & take shifts. Mon, Wed, & Fri I’m in charge of support in the afternoon & Tues & Thurs it’s morning support. The following is a general timeline. I love to have a daily schedule laid out but during my scheduled support times things don’t always go as planned (like I need to tell you).

5:30–6am Work on getting out of bed. Although waking up early makes me feel more productive, it’s hard to convince myself to do that every morning. Especially once winter rolls around and it’s dark and cold, and bed is, well… not.

6–6:30am Get ready for the day. Even though I work from home, I need to get dressed and ready. Otherwise I’ll have a completely unproductive day.

6:30–7am Make coffee and breakfast (usually peanut butter toast) and feed our cats (House & Dr. Pepper)

7–8:30am It’s time to start work! Check emails, answer support tickets from overnight, and spend some time reading work-related articles. If it’s an AM support day, I’ll start the work day from my office. On PM support days I’ll probably start the day from my living room couch.

8:30–10:30am One-on-one/team meetings, Product demos, Customer interviews, or researching and writing upcoming blog post.

10:30–11:30am M, W, F: Break (workout, yoga, lunch) T, Th: Right now I’m working through some copywriting courses.

11:30–12:30pm Catch up & plan posts for our company’s/product’s social media accounts, respond to any messages, and look for interesting content to add to our monthly newsletter

12:30–1:30pm T, Th: Break (workout, yoga, lunch) M, W, F: Time spend reading articles about support, copywriting, marketing, etc.

1:30–3pm Early afternoon is typically a pretty productive time for me, so I spend it working on projects like updating our knowledge base.

3–5pm Sometimes we have a product demo scheduled. If not, I usually leave this time to catch up on things I wasn’t able to get done throughout the rest of the day. Usually I remember to take some of this time to plan my top priorities for the next day/week. If not, I just take of that first thing the following morning.

5:15ish-6:30pm Cook and eat dinner (recently realized it’s my Thinking Space, thanks to this writing challenge). Since Steve, who’s my partner if I haven’t mentioned that already, and I work for the same company (his company, he’s my boss) we’ll recap some things that happened during the day.

6:30–10pm Clean up from dinner, feed cats, relax & watch shows (we just started The Wire and recently finished Luke Cage), then sleep.

Non-work Day

Even though Steve and I spend a ton of time at home during the week (we both work remotely), we don’t go out all that much on the weekends either. This excludes the holiday season when we have something to do almost every minute of every weekend...

Wake up time is usually around 8 on the weekends, then it’s breakfast/coffee time. Favorite breakfasts include: eggs w/ bacon & toast, huevos rancheros, and chilaquiles. Then it’s “clean up the house time” and just relaxing (ahh).

One of our favorite Saturdays is going out for sushi lunch and then to a fresh food market. We like to make more elaborate meals on the weekends, have some drinks, and watch a movie. We’ll also occasionally have family over for dinner & boardgames.

Well, that’s my typical day. What’s yours like?