What can’t your accessories do?

In today’s society you can wear just about anything and what you wear can do just about anything.

Apple has created a watch that shows you your texts, emails, notifications and so much more. And a Fitbit measures your heart rate, the amount of steps you take and many more body functions.

For me wearables are one of the next biggest things in communication. The technology industry will forever create new technology that lets our world communicate faster and more effciently.

One major aspect of being in the public relations industry is creating news. With the invention of wearables it is even easier to get news out to clients, shareholders and the public.

In class we are always told that to create news it must be interesting and engaging. No news will be picked up if it does say something new or have a new spin on an old story.

Because public relations individuals are constantly creating exciting and interesting news it gave me an idea when it comes to wearables. If a wearable can only give you as much information as the small screen allows then why not have an app on the wearable that simply just tells you the news?

The news of Apple’s iPhone 7 being released or news breaking of the Paris terrorist attacks could all be on your wrist. Wearables have the potentials for companies and organizations to be able to break news without someone having to dig in the purses to find their phone or turn on the tv to know the news. It can all be right there, with just a turn of your wrist.

Apple iWatch
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