The running out of charge anxiety
Shreyas Gupta

I am digressing, but there are some thing I want to bring up. 1) Battery technology is changing so fast that one never knows which tech becomes the winner. There are technologies being developed where the medium that holds the charge can be quickly replaced ( like in petrol in the petrol tank ) So are you building in a future proof battery pack system ?.

2) This query has nothing to do with bateries. I am an electric scooter user and have done 35,000 plus km on my E-sprint scooter. There are some issues I have come across using my scooter and hope S-340 would not have them.

To illustrate. On the E-sprint, once the ignition key is in the On position, the motor is on and the right handle bar like in other scooters is also the throttle. In case of a fall or an accident, in ordinary scooters, the engine generally gets shut off. But not in the electric scooter. It could potentially be dangerous because one uses the handlebars to straighten up the scooter. So could the smart scooter ( S-340 ) have a sensor built in, which senses the tilt/balance of the scooter and cuts off the engine as soon as it is about to fall ?.

It would also be ideal if apart from the ignition key, some other mechanism is devised which has to be triggered/released for the motor to be engaged. On Hero honda bikes there was this clutch assembly which allowed one to keep the engine on but still keep the throttle disengaged. I think something like that would be ideal. Having the motor engaged as soon as the ignition is on is not a wise idea. An accidental brush on the throttle will result in a fall or worse.



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