What if Einstein is Wrong?

Einstein’s General Relativity predicts time travel because of time dilation among other things. One of the proofs is the correction made to SatNav clocks because the time that comes from the satellites is ahead of those on the ground. This is due to the fact that clocks tick more slowly in regions of high gravity than it does in regions of low gravity.

Now satellites in orbit are in a region of low gravity hence their clocks run more quickly than those on the ground because the latter are in a region of higher gravity. I agree with this because gravity hinders the running of clocks so that in regions of low gravity the hindrance is equally low hence the clocks run faster.

But Einstein claims that it’s TIME that passes more quickly in regions of low gravity. If that was true, we won’t be able to receive data from the satellites as they would’ve moved into the future i.e. into a different time dimension. This proves the Newtonian principle that time is invariant which implies that time and space cannot be merged; hence Einstein is wrong about spacetime.

If you can’t travel along the alleged time dimension, then time is NOT a dimension i.e. there’s no 4th dimension. If the 4th dimension doesn’t exist, then neither do the other 7 dimensions of string theory; scientists are lying to us, wasting our time, and wasting tax-payer’s money.

If General Relativity (GR) is built on shaky grounds then the published mass of the universe is equally wrong because GR is used to measure the mass of the universe. Experiments show that GR is giving correct results. That’s because GR is mimicking the equipotentials of the Newtonian gravitational field. The origin of gravity is still unknown - it’s certainly NOT the curvature of spacetime as the latter doesn’t exist.

Shame on Arthur Stanley Eddington for telling us that Einstein had overturned Newton’s world. He didn’t. Newton is still king of physics and Einstein is a dunce because he wasted over 100 years preventing us from finding out what the origin of gravity really is. In some circles, it’s claimed that gravity is a form of the electromagnetic field. It makes sense as their ranges are both infinite.