Embrace Yourselves for Ads on Mobile Messaging

Some of you might know that Facebook will be inserting ads onto their messenger app. This was not a surprise. Whilst many digital marketers are mentioning ‘Omni-channel marketing’, ‘big data analytics’, ‘content strategy’ and ‘video storytelling’ as big trends for 2016, I personally feel that it won’t take long before the ads come to our Whatsapp, WeChat or the like.

The rationale? Simple.

  1. Advertisers want better customer experience (CX) and make ads less intrusive. With the RHS Google ads disappearing, decreasing effectiveness of display banners, re-targeting banners, ad blocks plug ins and increasing YouTube video ads, marketers need to find alternative channels to reach their consumers at the best time.
  2. The pool of revenue. Currently, messenger apps are functional and personal. Hence, most consumers feel that their privacy is not (yet) being invaded thanks to apps like Telegram. Because of its utility and personal communication need, more and more people are downloading.
Facebook is creating more changes to promote users to download its messenger app. Did you really think it was just to get more downloads and engagement?

WeChat is going strong at 679 million monthly users. Just imagine what media agencies can earn, even with vanity impression metrics.

3. Tougher competition calls for big boys to fight and retain huge market share. Whatsapp made it clear that they were saying goodbye to Blackberry (a.k.a. large audience at Indonesia).

4. And really simply, due to consumers’ behaviour in increasing use of mobile devices. Then, consumers preferred YouTube because the ads on the telly were annoying and difficult to skip… soon after ads appeared on YouTube. So what’s preventing marketers and technologists to do the same with messenger apps? It’s only a matter of time…