The story of Kosovo Model United Nations Academy has just begun

This year, the 21st of May was not passed unnoticed compared to the previous years. The youth-for youth non-governmental organisation Prosperity Initiative in Kosovo (PIKS) took the chance to commemorate the global day of Cultural Diversity, Dialogue and Development and to foster the idea of a vital co-existence among people in Kosovo and beyond.

The positive spark that was added to this special day was the launching event of Kosovo Model United Nations Academy (KMUNA) project. The event took place at the EU Information and Cultural Center in Prishtina and it was attended by a diverse group of people who belong to diverse academic and professional backgrounds such as the PIKS team members, our project partners, civil society along with the media representatives.

Lander Islami, the team leader of PIKS and simultaneously the Project Manager of KMUNA, together with Jeffrey Jamison, Public Affairs Officer at the US Embassy in Prishtina, delivered the opening remarks where they pointed out the importance of having an extracurricular activity such as Model United Nations that would complement high school system across Kosovo.

Lander kickstarted the event by welcoming everyone on behalf of the team, and provided the general picture by presenting, what is MUN, the goals and objectives of KMUNA, and reaffirming the dedication of PIKS towards doing something concrete regarding May 21.

After that, Mr. Jamison made his remarks about the project where he noted:

“For the young people of Kosovo the time of getting integrated in the International Organisations is soon to arrive. This is the generation which has been raised after the war, and consequently, they are familiar with the after war Kosovo; this is the generation which will work for Kosovo as a full member of International Community. Therefore, it is very important for them to know the benefits and responsibilities that come with the process.”

Likewise, he expressed that it is important for young people in Kosovo to fully understand international peace and security, and KMUNA provides them with the opportunity to understand them both.

Lander unveiled details about the overall organisation of KMUNA. He spoke about the the KMUNA Secretariat and provided a thorough presentation of planned activities for 2015. With the flagship event which as well is the first of its kind, the KMUNA Conference , is an intense two day event to be held in November in Prishtina, where a combination of MUN substance and social events will provide a breakthrough experience for 200 high-school students from across Kosovo.

He invited the municipalities in Kosovo and schools to get interested and cooperate with the project. During the discussion session several questions were raised and therefore, he explained how PIKS came up with the idea of the Conference due to the previous MUN experiences of some of the team members. He also mentioned that an open call for the KMUNA Secretariat will be announced soon and consequently, invited young people of Kosovo to apply and be part of the KMUNA family.

The event was concluded with a reception which served as a socializing and networking activity.

PIKS team is committed to bring an unforgettable experience for the high-school students and today was only the first page of the thrilling book that we are planning to write all together.

More updates and information will be posted soon. Until then keep in mind that our entire life in one way or another is all about relations and diplomacy. KMUNA will provide you with the opportunity of growing yourself personally and professionally and it will be your highway towards becoming a compelling public speaker, a proper researcher and a decent diplomat!

PIKS team
Opening remarks
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