Be Like Mike

In this ad, we see a huge basketball icon, Michael Jordan,drinking a gatorade possibly during this basketball game. We see the need to achieve coming out to play in this ad because Michael Jordan is a major role model for all athletes, more specifically aspiring basketball players.This ad does a very effective job on showing the need to achieve and reaching to those basketball athletes that if they drink gatorade, they will be like Michael Jordan.

To begin, this ad effectively uses the element of need to achieve. As I have stated, Michael Jordan is a huge icon that millions of people around the world look up to. This ad is so effective because the ad creator is speaking to mainly young basketball players aspiring to be like Michael Jordan. These young boys see the gatorade bottle and start thinking that if they drink gatorade like Michael, they will become an amazing basketball player and acquire fame.

To continue, this ad does not speak to a specific race but I believe that the ad is speaking specifically to men. Michael Jordan is a role model for these men that want to achieve this level of greatness and they may believe that, by viewing this ad, the way to achieve this is to drink gatorade before you play your game.This ad does effectively reach this targeted demographic because the need to achieve for these young men is so strong and they will try anything to reach it.

. The overall message of this ad is that to achieve greatness, you need to stay hydrated by drinking a gatorade. Although some may not think this is true, young boys see Michael Jordan in an ad involving gatorade and believe instantly that the key to success is to drink gatorade. By viewing this ad, boys get a sense of hope that it is possible for them to become as great as Michael Jordan.

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