5 Things You Should Know to Become a Famous Blogger

While some people start blogging just for fun, the others do this only because they want to succeed. This doesn’t mean that one won’t be able to become a successful blogger if they blog only for themselves. However, if success is your main goal, you should know what to do to make your blog popular.

There are so many tips for successful blogging online, so it’s easy to become confused. We want to make it simple for you: here’s a plain, but effective recipe for becoming a famous blogger.

  1. Learn how to write.

Well, sure, everyone knows how to form words into sentences, but blogging requires more than just that. Have you ever wondered, why some new blogs manage to become popular, though there are so many blogs dedicated to the same topics already? This happens because some bloggers are able to add an interesting personal touch to their posts, while the others just repeat information that can be easily found elsewhere.

Good news: you don’t need to have a degree in journalism or good grades for your essays in order to write amazing blog posts. Your style and personality matter more than your grammar skills, though the last ones are important too. Learn how to write posts that are fun and interesting to read, add some personal opinions to all information you share — and this will work!

2. Be disciplined.

You may view your blog as a hobby that doesn’t require much time and effort, but such attitude will hardly help you succeed as a blogger. One of the most important things for blogging is consistency: you have to update your blog regularly and to maintain a connection with your audience all the time. This doesn’t mean that you should dedicate half of your day to your blog, but you still should try answering comments once a day or two and updating your blog at least once a week.

3. Work to promote your blog.

Lucky for you, many famous bloggers and website now have the guest blogging option: it allows other bloggers to publish on these platforms, sharing useful information with the readers and attracting attention to their own blogs. Guest post is a great promotional tool, but if you want to use it, you’ll have to prepare yourself for hard work.

Moreover, other types of promotion require a lot of work too: you have to build connections with other bloggers, to share your posts in social media, and so on. If this seems too challenging to you, remember that other bloggers also do it regularly. They also have jobs, families and many other things that require their time and attention, but still, they find time for their blog.

4. Be original and creative.

There’s no point in starting a blog if you aren’t able to come up with a dozen of topics right away. If you struggle with ideas right from the start, you’ll most likely struggle even more later. Don’t choose a niche just because it seems good: choose it because it interests and inspires you — this way you’ll won’t have troubles coming up with more and more amazing topics for your blog.

You have to be creative too and don’t be afraid to seek inspiration in other blogs. This doesn’t mean we encourage you to plagiarize: look at others’ ideas and find a way to change them into something that looks more appealing to you instead of simply repeating them. For example, you have a blog dedicated to healthy lifestyle and find someone else’s article dedicated to the benefits of a cold and hot shower. You can copy this idea (which would be bad) or you can write a post about other shower-related rituals (which would be good).

5. Learn constantly.

Simply liking your chosen niche isn’t enough: if you decided to dedicate the whole blog to this niche, you have to learn a lot about it. Let’s imagine you are a beginner makeup artist, who learns and demonstrates the results in their blog: sure, if people know you’re a beginner, they won’t expect complex makeup tutorials from you. However, you have to improve your skills and add new topics as time goes on, otherwise, it may seem that you’re not making much progress. While beginner makeup artists usually don’t have much new to share with the others, the more experienced ones has their own makeup tips, know about the latest trends and try new products as soon as possible. So if you want to become a successful blogger, who looks experienced, you shouldn’t stop learning and finding out about the most interesting things in your niche.

Yes, blogging may require a lot of time and efforts, especially if you want to turn it into a serious business. That’s why you should remember another important tip: you have to really love what you do in order to succeed. This way it’ll be much easier to dedicate yourself to the whole blogging process.

Good luck with that!