Crypto assets are only as secure as the private keys and governance that control them. As our crypto space develops, a lack of business continuity and disaster recovery continues to be a serious problem. Since 2009, Blockchain technology has empowered individuals and companies to enjoy complete control of their digital wealth. But with complete control comes great responsibilities and, as time has shown, it is challenging to avoid malicious hackers, rogue insiders or disaster events.

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Epic Disasters

We all know about the damage due to lost keys. …

Banks today, are tomorrow’s walking dead. Cannibalised by compliance costs and ‘bank-like’ competitors, they’re now being assaulted by growing public demand for more utility.

Faster, cheaper transactions, delivered and settled instantaneously, are ideal. And we can now have digital asset ownership and validation, without a central authority. This opens the door to deployment of assets otherwise locked up because traditional access is complexed or only possible through many layers. The rise of Bitcoin has enabled an era of tokenization, whereby the registration, transfer and ownership of any item is easier and more efficient.

But the real significance is the social shift. People are demanding they have diminished consumer responsibility. Or, better put, more demand for utility services, more demand for access. …

Our CEO Gabrielle Patrick is delighted to be chairing this week’s Payments International Conference here in London. When laws, tech & speed for payments are collide, we can look back at our past trajectory & patterns which help us navigate days ahead #PaymentsINTL.

People have engaged in commerce to exchange goods and services for payment throughout the ages. This is the History of Money and Payments.

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Fast, reliable, digital transactions are demanded more and more. Yet today’s payments world fails to live up to demands of cost, speed and efficiency. Technology now exists, and is maturing, to change systems for the better. This means payment systems can be re-engineered as true utilities to optimise value transfer. …



We are a Blockchain technology company based in London. We are building a clearing bank.

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