CNA Week 2

Flames’ win over Baylor an important step in transition

This story was about Liberty’s win over Power 5 school, Baylor University. The article was very descriptive of what the scene was like in Waco Texas. The article was well written and interesting to read.

Trump’s Liberty commencement speech gets high marks from those in attendance

This story was about President Trump speaking at Liberty’s commencement ceremony. The article was mostly quotes from students, graduates, and attendees, speaking on what they thought of President Trumps speech. It was written well and gave its reader an accurate view of what it was like to be there.

Josh Woodrum earning more playing time with Ravens

This story was about Liberty Alum Josh Woodrum. It contained information about Woodrums success playing for the Baltimore Ravens. The article was informative and positive concerning Woodrums pro-football career.

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