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Figure 1. Back-rotated trees on Van Zandt landslide hazard zone. Photo by Geoff Mallick

March 2018

We drove up logging roads on the Van Zandt dike, based in the foothills of the North Cascades, Washington. Several turns seemed to lead nowhere. When we reached a dead end, Geoff turned off the car.

“The trailhead is right over there,” he said. It was barely noticeable, overgrown and tight with new growth trees. We slung on our packs and ducked under low-hanging branches to begin our march through the underbrush. I contemplated what it means to be a scientist and how people come up with these ideas.

Geoff Mallick graduated with his masters in geology from WWU in…

By Keeley Chiasson

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Squamish 50/50 orientation run, 35k. Photo credit: Liza Kimberly

In recent years, I’ve discovered I have an allure to humbling myself. I tend to put myself in a variety of situations which push me into unknown territories. Through these situations I have learned where my limits begin, and I have grown curious about how far they can be pushed, too.

I often wonder, what is this fatal attraction I have for seeking out and pushing past my limitations? Why do I and so many others tempt fate as we dance on our absolute edge? Is it the desire to prove to ourselves that we can do it? Is it…

Keeley Chiasson

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