Beautiful Boy

After Reading Beautiful Boy, by David Sheff, I have a different outlook on people with addiction. I guess being so young and not really close to anyone with an addiction I wasn’t very educated with drug use. My parents always told me it was bad and reasons why I should never try anything. I think I always felt people with addiction caused this horrible pain to themselves. I never looked deep enough to really understand addiction. In the book it is very detailed and explains a lot. The book really brought everything full circle and made me understand more why people start to use drugs. I don’t think anyone chooses to be addicted. No one try's a drug and thinks I’m going to become reliant on this drug until I can’t even function normally without it. I believe there is a root cause, maybe something is going on in their life and they are looking for a way out. Statistics say most college students get high to escape stress. In a way I understand this because college can be stressful but I feel like there are plenty of other activities to get away from the stress. In the book David talks about how TV and music of today makes drug use seem normal and I see that. I feel like drug use is something normal in society like everyone can relate and talk about it. It is on pretty much every tv show in some way and most music mentions it. The world today may not glorify drug use but to make it a normal thing, I feel is a contributor in why so many people are addicted these days. People who are addicts aren’t themselves. I feel sympathy for them because it is a disease and everyone treats it as they are someone to not be associated with. They need help and I believe they want help the addiction just stops them from getting the help needed. When an addict is using they aren’t the person they are when not. They are human too just like anyone who isn’t addicted and I think that is something I would always forget before.

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