I Deleted my Google Account and Google Didn’t Ask Me Why I Was Leaving

I think my respect for Google has just gone off the charts with this little incident. In an attempt to see whether I can set a Developer Account country value to something other then South Africa, the country I live in, I created a new gmail account and set United States in the Country field. I wanted to do this so I can proceed to setup a merchant account to deploy a couple of apps with in app purchases to Google Play and make some disposable income. Something one would feel should already be enabled in one of Africas leading tech countries, but it’s not.

Thanks Obama

My new “United States” account was successfully created but then I realized that Google servers determine ones region via more then the information a user provides to them, when I was presented with a terms and conditions for South Africa on my new “United States” soon to be Google Play developer account. Which is the main reason for me to delete this temp account.

Deleting the account was a simple process. Unlike the ordeal one might face when they deactivate or delete their accounts on other platforms (like Facebook). I remember South Park once made fun of how hard it is to delete ones account from these sites. The South Park episode ended with the character being consumed into the very site he was trying to keep away from.

Lucky for me my experience was a little different. Google didn’t even ask “why are you leaving us”. It just let me leave. They didn’t act as if the single reason of my leave will actually push them to change the whole system just to get me back. Which was quite refreshing. Didn’t get that whole “your account will still be here when you get back” that Facebook defaults to when you find the menu to deactivate/delete your account.

But it really sucks that I can’t do Merchant Registration on my Google Play Account from South Africa. I guess I’ll just have to move to Nigeria.