The Man

The man works every hour sunlight gives colour to the sky
The man is greased by his own sweat
The man pumps blood to fuel the systems machines
The man is believed to be engineered to never break
The man has lost count of all the times his back was stepped on
The man stands like a trained dog 
The man is waiting for commands
The man licks the boot that kicks scraps of earned living his way
The man makes liquids of his earnings and drinks himself horse
The man knows no better life
The man was never taught any better
The man doesn’t fathom the heavens that are his dreams
The man has slaved for the little he has to his name 
The man is in debt for all but the clothes on his back
The man can’t calculate interests rates 
The man doesn’t need such calculations to know he is bankrupt
The man is not afforded the label of bankrupt
The man is blacklisted
The man’s odds at paying all his debts are 1 in 13,983,816
The man can’t read out such a number
The man is never told of such a number
So whenever there’s a draw the man picks 6 numbers plus a “bonus” 
and he hopes that his dreams come true