CNA Week 3

Spirit Ride campaign passes through Lynchburg

This story was about an event that recognizes a commonly overlooked law. The Spirit Ride campaign in Lynchburg brought awareness to the community and served as a reminder of lives lost as well as those that could be prevented being lost from this law. Composed of firefighters, police officers and lynchburg citizens the event was successful in impacting those who took part in witnessing.

Lynchburg Planning Commission backs approval of permit to expand LU stadium

This story addresses the plan to expand seating in Liberty University’s LU stadium. The expansion to LU stadium consists of a two year construction process but also brings to light the concern as to how traffic would respond. Ultimately, the action will attract more views to Liberty’s games and provide Lynchburg with a busier atmosphere.

State denies full accreditation to four Lynchburg schools

This story discloses the denial of accreditation the state has given to schools in the commonwealth. The state of Virginia denied accreditation to Lynchburg schools due to performance of students and unmet standards. Fortunately, schools left out have been given a few weeks to submit additional information and work out their status with the Department of Education.

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