Seven reasons why Kim Kardashian needs to run for president in 2020

On November 8, 2016, America voted and the unthinkable happened: a reality TV star and professional Twitter troll was elected president. The fallout from Donald Trump’s presidency is already mounting as he appoints a white nationalist as his chief of strategy and places a rash of anti-LGBTQ bigots to his transition team. A second Trump presidency, a total of eight years in office, is anathema. Which is why we — people who believe in progress and equality — have to start acting now if we are serious about returning dignity to the Whitehouse.

The unfortunate failure of Hilary Clinton’s campaign shows that America will no longer coalesce around an establishment candidate. No, in 2020, we need to fight fire with fire and nominate our own reality TV and social media celebrity to champion the cause of progress — and there is no one better in the world at reality TV and social media than Kim Kardashian. Although the idea of a Kardashian candidacy may have seemed far-fetched only a few short days ago, by now we should wake up and realize that politics is a changed universe.

For those that don’t immediately see the appeal of a Kardashian candidacy in 2020, here are seven strong reasons why she is the ideal candidate for the post-Trump era:

1 — She is a virtuoso at playing the media

One of Trump’s most effective weapons was his ability to keep himself in the headlines. He didn’t have to rely on campaign ads, rather, the Media, enrapt with his celebrity, did his job for him. Mrs Kardashian is one of the few people in the world better at generating publicity for herself than Donald Trump. Like Trump, she knows how to instill the perfect amount of controversy to keep news outlets interested while leveraging her social media following. The most stunning example of Mrs. Kardashian’s media prowess was her ability to momentarily turn public opinion against Taylor Swift in favor of her husband, Kanye West. Basically, a woman famous for making a sextape got the American public to take the side of an angry and arrogant black man over a pretty and popular white girl. This is the same America that voted for Donald Trump.

Amply qualified to be Commander-in-Chief (photo taken by Luke Ford)

2 — She knows how to deal with Internet trolls and haters

Politics is uglier than ever, and that’s largely because Trump has no compunction about devolving a dialogue into low-level name calling. He is one of the most effective Twitter trolls in the world. Mrs Kardashian, however, is impervious to all that. No matter how low her critics go, she still remains popular. Against Kardashian, Trump’s most effective tactic will be completely neutralized.

3 — She is poised on camera and extremely watchable

The importance of being telegenic is not new to modern politics. Ever since Kennedy outmatched Nixon in the first televised presidential debate, looking good on camera has been a prerequisite to a high-level political career. Be it on reality TV, Instagram or celebrity gossip sites, everyone tunes in to watch Mrs Kardashian. Even people who claim to disapprove of her can’t look away. At the MTV Video Music Awards this year, Mrs Kardashian captured the attention of the cameras merely by sitting in the audience. She is so watchable that America would rather watch her watching the show than pay attention to the world-class artist on stage! Trump admittedly has an excellent presence on camera as well, but he would be merely average alongside Mrs Kardashian.

4 — She is a successful businesswoman who knows how to build an effective team

As anyone who follows her closely knows, Mrs Kardashian is more than just a pretty face, she is a self-made entrepreneur who has built a multi-million dollar business around her brand. Such an accomplishment wouldn’t be possible without her leadership skills and ability to execute. These qualities directly translate to launching and managing a modern political campaign. Mrs Kardashian’s business acumen will also give her credibility when dealing with the private sector. Her mother, Kris Jenner, who is credited as the architect of the Kardashian empire, will be an excellent strategic advisor.

5 — She is popular with women and younger voters

Let’s face it, one of the biggest reasons Donald Trump won was because Hilary couldn’t get the liberal base excited and motivated in key swing states. Fewer people voted for Trump than for Mitt Romney in 2012. Winning in 2020 hinges on turn out. A majority of young and women voters opposed Trump in the past election. Mrs Kardashian has an undeniable appeal to both of these demographics. If she can’t stimulate their excitement and motivation, probably no one can. Moreover, her entire family — including Kourtney, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie — are social media and reality TV stars in their own right. Before the election starts, Kim Kardashian already has go-to team of surrogates to rally support on the campaign trail.

6 — She is an outsider with no political baggage

One of Hilary’s biggest weaknesses was that after being a cornerstone of the political establishment since the early 1990s, she came with a quarter century of political baggage. Be it legacy scandals from her husband’s administration, lucrative speaking engagements at Goldman Sachs, or questionable email practices, Clinton couldn’t escape from the skeletons in her closet. Trump was a political neophyte and started the election with a clean slate. The 2016 election demonstrated that being part of the establishment is a liability. Mrs. Kardashian is even more of an outsider to politics than Trump was at the outset.

7 — Intangibles, i.e. the “it-factor”

Charisma, some people have it, some people don’t. Barack Obama has it. Donald Trump has it. Hilary Clinton doesn’t. Kim? She has it in spades. Although some people decry her as a vapid materialist who is simply famous for being famous, what they fail to realize is that if being Kim Kardashian were so easy, everyone would be doing it. But there is only one Kim Kardashian and she has an aura about her that people gravitate toward in spite of themselves.

While not an obvious choice, Mrs Kardashian clearly has the unique skill set and background that make her the most viable candidate to oppose Trump in the 2020 election. Many of Trump’s strengths are either ineffective against her or are outmatched by her own prodigious abilities. From media savvy to business acumen to demographic appeal, it is like Mrs Kardashian was born for modern US politics.

Love can and will trump hate in 2020. Mrs Kardashian, America needs you. We need to begin preparations for your campaign post-haste. You are the politician this great country, this beacon on a hill deserves. Please answer the call!