Establishing a proper development setup is essential to an efficient workflow. This is as important to Data Scientists as it is to Web or App developers. The preferred environment usually evolves over time and there are many different ways to approach this process. This is mine.

First, My Development Languages

I primarily work with…

Neat Software and Data Projects, Education, Inspiring Service

No resolutions, but refined achievable goals — I will be focusing on three areas of continued improvement this year… awesome software projects that contribute to a great year of technological advancements, educational excellence in my graduate studies, and stories of inspired service to my family and community. Here’s to the start of a landmark year.

A mini story about biking… and life.

When I set out early in the year to get more exercise cycling I wanted to establish a sustainable routine. I started commuting to work by bike at the end of January. My goals were to get more outside exercise, create a better morning habit for increased efficiency at work…

For me, springtime is a great natural setting for reviewing personal goals to either reaffirm my priorities or reevaluate them. I’ve found that many of my long term goals change over time. Goal setting then becomes more like a building process than a once-per-year publishing process.

I’ve always appreciated taking…

Andrew Knight

I build neat stuff and try to learn something new in the process -

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