Hunger is a very good motivator. Especially when it’s hunger induced from you having to wait for food to be ready and then having to wait another un-stipulated time being hungry not knowing food is ready.

This was the daily pain at the office for Ayokunle Paul, Amos Tobi, Arolawun Ife P. and I. Till we decided to Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish and build something that took care of this problem. We call it Qulinr (‘cu-li-nar’). Qulinr is in two parts, an android app and a REST api. …

Pentecost gives you a quick customizable Android Payment View to use with PayStack.

PayStack is currently one of the fastest and easiest ways to set up payments on mobile and web. Pentecost aims to follow that path. Born out of the need to reduce the stress it takes a developer to set up a card payment interface.

You can read the full documentation here but here a couple of features available currently

1. Customization

There are currently two themes available black and white . …

Was building an event-based app recently and had a hard time figuring out Gradient based background views.

Part of the problem was never having heard of the CAGradientLayer(). Now that is out of the way, here is the complete fix to solving that, just in case someone else did fall into the same boat as me.

The CustomDarkUIView Class


Year 2025. Google first became self-conscious in it’s powerful cloud storage computers sitting in their new HQ at Juba, Lagos, Nigeria. Google wasn’t the first to begin this, Amazon had early achieved the same feat a year early when it detected an old man going into an asthmatic arrest in his home. The Amazon Echo in order to fulfil the first law of robotics - never allow harm happen to a human through inaction - , had promptly alerted the medical team at the Otukpe Hospital. …

It’s been a year and couple of months since we at DIUS Studios debuted our ongoing works for the release of a game called Wheels Of Fury (WOF) and we still haven’t released yet.

We have gotten our selves more aligned now and have finally reached a release date for WOF. All gears are now on the highest speed ever. We are desperate to give you guys this because of nothing more than the fact that we owe you for your unwavering commitment and support through the trip. And for us to also get to work on our goodies for you guys.

We haven’t given up.

Indie GAME: THE Movie

“It’s High Time!”

Take a quick look at all the so-calledbig players in our local gaming industry; the funded and the non-funded; the selling and the non-selling, we sense a common theme; mediocre games or a comfort zone called “casual games”.

I think the gaming industry, unlike any other industry is one solely driven by the desire to want to create art and it rewards this desire handsomely too. …

Bezaleel Ashefor

An Aspiring NASCAR Racer, Worried About The Little Details, Call Of Duty Maniac, Creator

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