5 Advantages of Using a Garden Fleece in Your Garden

Garden Fleece

Productive farming and gardening calls for taking proper, on-time preventative measures. Your crops, plants, seedlings and such are always vulnerable to damage caused by factors like frost, wind, birds, insects, hail, etc. This means you need to take extra precautionary steps during the growing season to protect your garden from these risks. A useful and handy garden equipment that will be able to help you out with this is a garden fleece, which is a kind of garden netting that can be used to cover either individual plants or an entire row of plants in your garden.

Equivalent to the garden cloches and garden tunnels, a garden fleece yields many advantages such as:

1. Enables Warmer Temperature

This type of garden netting absorbs the warmth of the Sun to increase the temperature of the immediate environment in which the crops are growing, without causing the problem of overheating. Warmer temperature can help the crops to mature at a faster rate.

2. Keeps the Pests Away

If your garden is plagued with the problems of bugs and animal pests, then a garden fleece would be a good way to keep these irritants out. This can prove to be so effective that you may not even have to use any chemicals or traps anymore to fight against the pests and bugs.

3. Protects Against the Stormy Winds

If you thought temperature was the only factor that could hamper the crop growth, then you also better add windy conditions to your list. Strong winds can put a lot of stress on the plants, especially the young ones, causing them mechanical stress in addition to the water loss. If you anchor down your garden fleece nicely, you can expect to counter some of these detrimental effects of the wind on your crops.

4. Shields Against Heavy Rains and Hail

Heavy rain and hailstones can heavily impact the soil surface and the seedlings. The damage to the soil by rain and hail can lead to surface compaction, which in turn could lead to restriction in seed emergence and maturing process of the seedlings. A garden netting such as garden fleece can absorb some of the impact of the heavy rains and small-size hailstones.

5. Helps in Hardening Off the Plants

A common practice that many gardeners adopt is growing their plants indoors during the cold harsh weather conditions of the winters and then eventually transferring the plants outside once the temperature has warmed up. Garden fleece can serve as a great tool in helping your plants acclimatise to the new, outside conditions, especially if they aren’t strong enough to withstand direct exposure to sunlight and wind.

Every gardener should have a garden fleece in their repository of essential garden equipment. Get yours today!

Garden Fleece