Building A Website! Here Are 5 Crucial Web Design Tips For You


Every website possesses a vital interest of its owners to generate traffic and boost up the sales. Each company considers their website as a crucial part of their businesses, especially when they pander to the internet audience. Whether your website is purely informational or it’s for selling of services or products, it’s necessary to develop a site which is well-designed, comfortable to navigate and engaging.

Website development is worth all of your time, money and effort as it helps in reflecting and delivering your businesses an accurate picture of the prospect clients. Here are five smart tips to make sure your website creation is heading in the right direction:

Target A Clutter-Free Simplistic Homepage

It’s not an easy job to be a critic at every place. We as humans are always in a hurry and do not focus on all the contents of a web page. We promptly scan pages and pick up primary keywords and sentences. Such behaviour is prevalent in most of us, and therefore web designers try to appeal to users emotions rather than increasing the word count on the web pages.

No doubt, Call To Actions (CTA’s) and texts are crucial for your site, but you must ensure breaking them up with larger subheadings and readable paragraphs with appropriate icons or images for effective communication.

Readable Website Content

‘Readability’ of any content is a measure of how smoothly it is recognized by the reader. When you ensure high readability on your website, users will efficiently scan your site and take away relevant information with them while browsing.

Following easy rules can be considered for creating readable website content:

  • Type of font is a critical factor that must be considered as per visitor’s ease of reading the content. Times New Roman from Serif family or Sans Serif are some popular choices acknowledged by best web designers.
  • Provide sufficient contrast between the text and its background to make it clear and visible.
  • The font size of 12pt is not comfortably readable on a 24 inches screen. Therefore, at least make sure you keep the font size 16pt or above. Remember, font size mostly depends on the type of font type you would be implementing.
  • Don’t ever play with numerous font types. Majority of times, font combinations prove to be a disaster.

Easy Navigation

Most web designers are creative in the way they conduct their design projects, but one place where they have to keep things flexible and uncomplicated is the navigation part of the website. Being smart with the website navigation may harm the website in the worst way possible. Visitors may not like your experimentation of sending them to a wild goose hunt through your site. However, sustaining solid navigation helps in improving the viewer’s experience and also assists search engines in indexing your content.

  • Create a logo to link it to your homepage. It will help you in gaining some precious clicks from your users. You can contact several web design firms for their assistance in your customised logo creation.
  • Make sure the menu (in the header) is structured properly.
  • Footer’s are the last thing on your web page, and therefore it must include some significant links to guide your user to other relevant pages.

Be Responsive

We are living in a digital era where mobile is running the society requirements. In today’s time, creating a responsive (mobile-friendly) website is essential more than ever. Having a mobile-friendly version of the site will help you in keeping up with the pace of the world and will also assist you in generating more number of leads. One most single thing to keep in mind while creating a responsive site is to put yourself in the position of the user.

Keep Visual Hierarchy In Mind

With smart-phones and computer screens, display technology is crossing all barriers. It’s web designers task to ensure the content of a site is arranged in the most productive way possible. As the user will surf your website only for a few seconds, it has to render a definite idea of what the site is all about and what are its offerings. That’s the beauty of best web designers work; they leave breadcrumbs for the readers to guide them to other pages of the website.

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