The Flash, Superman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman.

Why’s DC not hitting the right spot?

Sometimes I feel like the DC universe is having an off day. If you’re not sure what the DC universe is, you might be on the wrong post. But if you want to carry on reading, I’ll get you up to speed.

The DC universe is basically where the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Acquaman and Cyborg like to hang out. (If you didn’t know what the DC universe was you might have only heard of Superman and Batman, well there are others like them…) There are so many people involved, not all good either; all you need to know — right now — are these 5. This is because I’ve just seen the Justice League. I didn’t hate it. But I’m not quite sure I liked it.

I am a big fan of the superhero TV shows and films. Some would call me a fake fan, as I have not read all the comics. I think I bought a Daredevil one once but it wasn’t the first in that series and I only bought it to feel like a ‘real’ fan, anyway, not only is that a) Marvel, but b) I’m not here to talk about that…

I’m one of the few who actually really like the recent DC films because of their dark and twisty side, take Batman Vs Superman for example. It differs from the humour of Marvel cinema. However, in this film it all felt a bit forced. We don’t know the characters well enough to understand whether the side remark they make is part of their personality or whether it’s just bad writing. The one liners really fit in well with The Flash. Barry Allen has this awkward sense to him, like he’s the ‘sidekick’ that’s only there to save the civilians, make a joke and let the grown ups do the proper fighting. This might sound like I’m dissing him but he fits well in the dynamic when doing all those things.

Then there’s the bad CGI…I love seeing Henry Cavill on the big screen, whether that’s as Superman or as Theseus in the Immortals, yet there was just something quite not right. Turns out they had to use CGI to take away his moustache. It’s rumoured this cost $25 million… Yes, he was filming Mission Impossible 6 at the same time and it was a contractual thing but, you’d have thought with that amount of money, they would have just done a better job.

With all this negativity, let’s shed some light. Jason Momoa is the light. Aquaman, in a sense, helped the film in a great deal, he had the breakout role. Yet, we [the collective group of people who haven’t read the comics] don’t know much on his back story, other than he “talks to fish” and wields around a “pitchfork”. What upsets me is the fact that he had, supposedly, a lot more scenes, but were cut due to timing constraints. This left me a bit stunned, because other non-comic readers wouldn’t really get the gist of what he was all about. Unless we all waited for Aquaman’s stand alone film which comes out late next year. And that’s just never going to happen. Or, like me, you were sat next to someone who knows the ins and outs and managed to explain who he really was. We don’t all have a know-it-all…

Aquaman himself. *heart-eyes emoji*

I like to get to know people. That’s what I feel this film needs. To get to know everyone, I know this isn’t a school playground but I want to know more about Cyborg for example… So with DC films I feel like they should be planned more. Just like the Marvel films. There needs to be a timeline and a plan for the future. Including everyone from Suicide Squad into stories as well. This might get confusing, but if you think about it, that would be one hell of a weekend binge watching the films.

There are criticisms with this film but ignoring that and like your down-to-earth film goer, (which I am) I can tell you: it does have elements of a good film. There’s attention to detail, the cinematography is amazing and sound tracks are always great in DC films. It’s just sometimes the ideas on a page don’t come across on screen, unless you’re a die-hard comic book fan and understand 100% of what’s going on.

I love seeing these characters on the screen, I think the writing just needs to match. More needs to be built on the relationships around them, especially for everyone watching to understand. I’m hoping one day for an all round enjoyable DC film. Even if there’s a wait, I’ll still be here watching.