Instant Analysis: Cosplay Carnival Day 2

Game Changing Indeed

This is in relation to the post I did early Sunday Morning.

Day Two of Cosplay Carnival was same as like the first day, though the only difference is the “Cosplay OTP” competition, or the Cosplay One Tag Performance. It is a solo cosplay competition with a twist, where the next contestant should be “tagged” by the next contestant before the previous contestant exits the stage. Here are some of the moments of the Cosplay OTP competition.

Of course, there’s still the Cosplay Karaoke contest, and this time, mainstream songs are in the playlist. One of the contestants came all the way from the Hermit Kingdom…

And here are some of the contestants for the Cosplay Karaoke Contest.

Rainer And Kirisaki, the guests of Cosplay Carnival, were also happy to see their fans signing autographs of their pictures and items.

Rainer Tachibana and Kirisaki, the guests of Cosplay Carnival

As I put it on my extro video that I created for Anime Pilipinas’s Facebook page, Cosplay Carnival was a very different event, and, yes, despite being a smaller version of Cosplay Mania, which is’s marquee event, it sure changed the game when it comes to events being organized here in the country.

The full convention report will be online soon.