Nevermoor: The Trial of Morrigan Crow Delivers in Jessica Townsend’s First Novel

Nevermoor: The Trials of Morgan Crow is the first book by previously unpublished author Jessica Townsend.

Morrigan Crow is a cursed child born on Eventide, the beginning of a new age that occurs every twelve years in order to start society over with a clean slate, but Morrigan is scheduled to die on the next Eventide. She is rescued from Eventide by Jupiter North, a mysterious adventurer who takes her from the Republic to Nevermoor, the free state because he sees something in her.

Once Crow arrives, North, who is part of the Wondrus Society, puts her up as a candidate to become a student at the best school for the smartest kids with special talents. The trials are test for the elders or heads of the Wundrous Society to determine whether a mere nine kids out of more than hundred will be accepted. She really has to push to complete the four challenging trials to avoid going back to the Republic and facing possible death.

That definitely lets the reader step into the character’s shoes, which most people find a big part of a good book. The unexpected twist ending makes reader want to know what happens next in this series and also really explain why things happen in the earlier chapters. The ending answers a lot of questions but also sets up kind of a scenario for the next book.

Nevermoor is a seven-star novel because this sets up the story for the series, but it did not involve as many magical creatures as expected. This should become a series because it would definitely be very good. Most Harry Potter fans may what to try this book it is pretty close to Harry Potter, and it may just be the next big thing. This novel is definitely unexpected in a good way and a good first novel by Jessica Townsend.

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