Throwing Economics Under The (White) Bus

Greg Johnson’s “Truth, Justice and a Nice White Country” contains several articles covering the topic of economics. In them he criticises the supposed free market dogma generally found on the right. He is not alone in this critique. Many other prominent people within the ethno-nationalist movement share these sentiments. In Vox Day’s Alt-Right “Manifesto” he expressly differentiates the Alt-Right from other movements on the right espousing the virtues of the free market. I myself have been a proponent of the free market for a decade now, so it has been intellectually “stimulating” to encounter the critiques of free market capitalism in the new movements on the right.

I understand that many people strongly dislike free market capitalism and free trade agreements as they are presented. Documents thousands upon thousands of pages long have nothing whatsoever to do with actual free trade. Free trade agreements are merely crony capitalism cloaked in a veil of the moral legitimacy that actual economic freedom provides. Unfortunately, unscrupulous crony capitalists and politicians are happy to throw the good name and reputation of free market capitalism under the bus. In order to gain undeserved and unearned economic advantages they sell their deceptive policies as good for the people. By following this path, they fuel criticism of economic freedom from both the left and the right.

To me there is nothing inherent that links the desire for ethno-states and moving away from economic freedom. It sometimes appears to me to be a reactionary response to the fact that the guardians of the status quo oppose ethno-states and in general supports the current economic regime. As it currently stands, I’m not a true ethno-nationalist in any sense of the word. I find their arguments in favour enticing and with serious facts behind them. Ethnically homogenous states have less crime and more social trust. Migration in the Western world today is artificial and a result of government interference, I thus am comfortable opposing it as a libertarian.

I have argued in other posts that libertarians are weak on the demographic issue as it applies to the Western world today. They rightfully deserve criticism for their absence from this arena. To me, it is fully in accordance with the non-aggression principle to oppose the immigration policies of our governments. We mustn’t forget that the force inherent in the system still applies. The gun is in the room, if we don’t grab it, our opponents will. I wish that prominent libertarians would step into the arena and combat the misguided economic arguments presented by the new “rightists”. Failing to do so would be a dereliction of duty.

I will continue my exploration of these subjects, I’m finding great enjoyment in challenging myself to read opinions from writers I don’t necessarily agree with.

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